Shruti Banerjee : Piya Ghar Aay_The Elation Of A Welcoming Message For Lover By Song

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The Celebration Of Love With Nature - Das Fest der Liebe zur Natur

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Nayna Laage Re : Singer Shruti Banerjee | Tabla : Heiko Dijker | Music : Samrat Chakraborty

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Sängerin Shruti Banerjee mit Schweizer Musikern_Zürich, Schweiz.

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! Living Through Music !

We Musicians : Promo

1 thought on “Albums”

  1. Dear Shruti,
    Hope you are good! You know, we love your morning alaap and Nayna Lage songs! God bless you dear💝 Our love for you & family! JaiGurudev🙏

    Yours sincerely
    M & M.

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